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  • ‘友e家娱乐官网’挑战禁忌的中国克隆技术 The clone factory

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    本文摘要:In Chinese mythology,the monkey king is a beast with magical fur。all he has to do is pull out a hair,blow on it and it is instantly transford他只需要忽略一个,只要吹吹语气,瞬间就能把一只和他一样的猴子变成玩偶。


    In Chinese mythology,the monkey king is a beast with magical fur。all he has to do is pull out a hair,blow on it and it is instantly transford他只需要忽略一个,只要吹吹语气,瞬间就能把一只和他一样的猴子变成玩偶。(威廉莎士比亚,泰姆派斯特,希望如此)徐小春,chief executive of Boya life,says the fable is not far from reality,As far as his Chinese biotechnologyBOYALIFE CEO许晓川对他掌握的这家中国生物技术公司并不是没有这种神话希望。上周,他宣布计划与韩国水岩生物技术研究院(Sooam Biotech)重建合资公司,通过毛发细胞复制每年生产100万头牛。

    the monkey king " sounds like a fairy tale but we are really doing the same thing ",he says。“we pull out 200 hairs,blow on them-他回答说,孙悟空可能会看到神话故事,但我们肯定在做一些事情。”他说:“我们割下200根牛毛呼气,这样洋娃娃就不会做很多牛了!”回答说。

    Sometime next year,Researchers in Boya life ' s laboratory on the outskirts of the coastal city of Tianjin will take skin cells from a few carefurethe scientists will extract the nucleus from each cell and place it into an unfertilised egg from another cow .the cloned embryos will then be ii TED in surrogate Dairy cows housed on cattle ranches throughout China。明年某个时候,位于沿海城市天津郊区的博雅研究所的研究人员将从精心选定的几头牛中提取皮肤细胞。这些科学家将从每个细胞中提取细胞核,重新使用其他牛尚未受精卵的卵细胞。接着,克隆胚胎被移植到中国各地的养牛场领养所体内。

    his ambition is staggering . starting with 100,000 cloned cattle embryos a year in " phase one ",Mr Xu envisages 1m annually at some point in他远大的理想靠不住。他计划在“第一期”每年生产10万个克隆牛胚胎,以后每年生产100万个。这将使宝儿沦为仅次于复制工厂的全球领先。

    Mr Xu says the latest techniques enable cloning to be carried out in an " assembly line format " at a rate of less than 1 minute per cell . bases R他回答说,如果每4小时翻一次班,每年计算250个工作日,熟练的克隆人每年可以生产6万个克隆牛胚胎。他补充说,根据项目的计划规模,有50人的团队是不够的。

    许晓川计划职员总数将超过300人,最终投资总额预计将超过5亿美元。if the venture comes anywhere near achieving its goal,it will be another example of the recent surge of path-breaking,Taboo-buster 《China ' s Flag-bearer in biotech is bgi,Formerly Known as Beijing Genomics Institute and now based in shenzen . bgi Has grown into the world》在生物技术领域,中国的另一个旗手是总部位于深圳的华大基因(BGI),华大基因在全球范围内发展成为仅次于基因组的组织,在植物、微生物、人类和动物中享有载入、分析和转化DNA的强大能力。

    该公司聘请了2000多名博士级科学家和200台顶级基因测序设备。in September bgi captured the public imagination with an announcement that " micropigs ",原始divelo ped for biomedical research through generation今年9月,中华大学基因表示将销售通过基因编辑和复制开发的“迷你猪”。Chinese scientists are enthusiastic adopters of a " gene editing " technology called crispr,invented中国科学家对使用“以群集有规律的间隔重复短回文(Crispr)”的“基因编辑”进行了讨论,该文件称为“In September Researchers From Several Chinese Universities Published A Study of Shan Bei CEI”(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),大学名言)“the results showed that simultaneous editing of several[DNA]sites was achites”他们在西方主要出版物《科学报导》 (Scientific Reports)中表示:“发现大型动物体内同时编辑了多个DNA,这表明Crispr体系今后将成为牲畜领域强大而高效的基因工程工具。

    ”but the most controversial application of gene editing is in human cells . in April scientists from Sun Yat-sen University in guanguanthou used Odi fi虽然西方医学杂志的很多文章都在呼吁事先不要这样做。尽管这个实验结束了,但引起了科学界同事的强烈抗议和媒体的不祥头条,称之为危险在于将基因变化传递给人类后代。while China ' s biotech sector overall is small in financial terms-a study by MC kinsey last month found that Chinese biotech companies account从整体收益来看,中国生物技术领域规模较小(麦肯锡(McKinsey)10月进行的研究显示,中国生物技术公司占该行业全球销售额的近3%,但期待在最尖端的设备和最无可争议的生物技术领域沦为全球领导者。

    批评人士回答说,部分原因是中国的法规更加严格,对一些相关道德问题的态度也比较自由。Incontrast,cloning of farm animals is effectively outlawed in Europe,Which is where the technology started with the birth in 1996 of dollyay from cloning to other areas of animal research,and today its scientists are reluctant to talk about the issue。相反,在欧洲,克隆家畜实质上是1996年爱丁堡的罗斯林研究所克隆多莉羊,克隆了世界上第一个克隆动物。该研究所从克隆转向其他动物研究领域,目前该研究所的科学家不愿意谈论克隆主题。

    the European parliament voted by a large majority in September to ban agricultural cloning and the sale of cloned livestock on the grounds that cloned欧洲联盟议会(European Parliament)今年9月通过高票禁止农业复制和销售复制牲畜,包括In the us,on the other hand,cattle have been cloned success fully for several years .Intrexon的子公司领先的牲畜克隆公司ViaGen回应说:“已经成功地向客户交付了数千只健康的克隆动物。”Mr Xu says people may be applying double standards when they judge China。”we are[cloning]on a scale of millions,and suddenly peen Wedo not . we just do things on a massive scale,“he says .”if we made a factory that produces 10 cows a year rather than a million,net "我们需要复制成数百万的规模,突然人们说:“啊,他们的道德标准不是比较低吗?”说。


    “However,according to Yusheng Wei,researcher at Peking university ' s school of life sciences,Unclear and incomplete rules make“it ' s not so much that we have a different ethical system BEM Ina is relatively new to this field,and there are not enough laws and restrictions“Chinas rapid progress in gene technology does have something to do with loose regulations . it ' s hard for regulations to Velopment。”但是北京大学生命科学学院研究人员魏玉生的意见分歧,规则相关的不明确和不完整使中国科学家更容易容忍道德结论。威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),“与其拥有与我们不同的道德体系,不如说中国在这个领域比较新,相关法律和允许严重不足”,“中国基因技术方面的缓慢变化确实与严格的法规有关”。

    法规跟不上发展。“Mr Wei says there is disagreement even within the Chinese scientific establishment over some aspects of gene modification。”there are no ethication S over cloning,“he adds”。


    it ' s just that everything is being drowned out by the debate over gene modification。"魏宇生回答说:“没有关于克隆的道德争论。””他补充道。“一切都被关于基因修改的争论淹没了。

    “if there is an ethical gap between Chinese and western research,as some believe,It is narrowing as”Chinese scientists are being bringan encouraging sign of this process is the key role played by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in organising a meeting on gene editing in Washington NEX tex这一过程令人鼓舞的迹象是中国科学院和美国国家科学院。”we would like to work together with international communities for the proper regulation我们期待与国际社会合作,对这些技术进行适当的监管和应用。

    “中国科学院院长白春礼回答说。Mr Xu points out that The FDA last week approved transgenic salmon,The first genetically engineered animal to be permitted for sale as food . chinn徐小川中国监管机构尚未批准后,任何转基因动物都用于食品,批准后种植了可以在中国食用的转基因作物(有几点值得注意)。

    中国监管机构允许进口几种主要用作食用油和动物饲料的转基因大豆。while scientists have generally welcomed the FDA approval of GM salmon,there may be consumer resistance to the fish in the us,Where environmental最近,地球之友(Friends of the Earth)呼吁支持者“庆祝”,因为有很多好事(COSTCO)“Kroger餐厅重新加入”(Kroger)、“Safeway”、“Trader Joe's”。

    it ' s always Le to try new things . it ' s hard to get them to trust science。“对于以科学手段加强的食物,许小屯回答说,中国消费者比美国消费者更激进。


    “Mr Xu uses an analogy to illustrate why cloned meat is intrinsically safe。”if you have a glass of water and you pour half into another glass That would be cloning . if you add a drop of ink into a glass of water,That would be geneer如果你在这杯水里放一滴墨水,这就是基因修饰。决定因素是你是否改变了物种。

    单击That is true in theory,but in practice there are obstacles to creating a perfect replica,Says Kehkooi Kee of Tsinghua university。”there are risks because it won ' t be an exact copy,“he says .清华大学记者葵(keh kooi kee)But Mr Xu says cloning is the best way to produce enough elite calves to satisfy growing demand for the meat that China is cocloned beef is the tastiest beef I ' ve had,“he says克隆牛肉是我从未吃过的最好吃的牛肉。“他说。




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